McMicken Ave. Development

To jump start redevelopment in the Findlay Market/Findlay Playground area, replace the single story warehouse shown below at 130 W McMicken Ave. with a 7-10 story residential apartment building complete with underground parking.


  • It’s tucked into the side of the hill so I think you could get away with the additional height without blocking views of OTR. The nearby Apex building is of similar height.
  • It’s a large site.
  • It would provide a few hundred residents in the Findlay Market area to support new businesses and keep others open on weekdays and until 9PM.
  • It would do this all in one motion without having to wait for the slow pace of historic renovations to add residents.
  • It’s near Streetcar Stops.
  • It would have the size to be a self-contained development with parking and security, which is important until McMicken Ave. can develop further
  • The existing structure used to be multiple stories, but was damaged by a landslide sometime in the 50’s or 60’s and the upper stories were removed. (The bright red sections used to be windows.) This building has been significantly altered, diminishing its historical value, and I submit the site can be put to a better use.

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