Ezzard Charles Icon Line

Here is my concept for an Ezzard Charles Drive “Cincinnati Icons” West End Streetcar.  This would make it possible to travel to the Museum Center at Union Terminal by streetcar. This would be great for tourists visiting Cincinnati by intercity rail  (from Chicago, Indianapolis, etc.) arriving at Union Terminal to get a convenient ride into Downtown. It would also provide a boost for development in the West End.

Ezzard Charles Line

(Click to Enlarge)

The track travels in both directions along Ezzard Charles (Purple Line in diagram.) At Central Avenue the eastbound tracks make a left turn onto Central Ave., and performs a clockwise loop around 14th St, Race St, 12th St, and back to Central Ave. and Ezzard Charles Drive.  It is possible to connect to the northbound main streetcar line at Music Hall; a new stop on the south side of 14th would allow travelers to disembark and cross Elm St. to wait at the existing Music Hall stop for a northbound streetcar.  The new loop would tie into the existing streetcar track on Race and use the existing 12th and Race stop for travelers to make a connection to the southbound streetcar.

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