Square at 12th and Vine

A great city has great public places. This is my proposal for a new public square at 12th and Vine.

The existing surface parking lot at 12th and Vine already has the feel of being at the center of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.  There is a lot of activity there- a Redbike station, bus stop, valet parking, ATM, and of course a streetcar stop.  Vine Street and 12th Street are two of the main corridors through the neighborhood with thriving businesses along each.  There is a steady stream of pedestrians passing by this location throughout the daytime and evening hours.

Square at 12th and Vine(Click to enlarge)

My vision would develop half of this parking lot into a mixed use building or hotel, and make the other half into a plaza with benches and trees.  The plaza would give people a place to meet up before going out to OTR’s bars and restaurants, or give people a place to pause and rest as they go about their business in the neighborhood. Portions of the plaza could be set aside for outdoor dining, for a restaurant in the new building and/or an outdoor extension of Senate restaurant.

While it’s true that Washington Park is a great public space one block to the west, the uses of this square would be different.  Washington Park is a place to attend events, hear concerts, or appreciate nature under the big trees. This square would be more commercially oriented, like the center of a shopping mall.

I also think, because of the aforementioned activity and development centered around this location, that this location would be best suited for a hotel out of any location in OTR.  That would give tourists a chance to stay in Cincinnati’s most famous neighborhood or suburbanites a chance at a weekend in the city.

Perhaps this new public space could be called “Bremen Square” in a nod to the neighborhood’s history.  (Before the anti-German hysteria of World War 1, nearby Republic Street was known as Bremen Street.)

12th and Vine lot on a Sunday morning before the action starts

Vine Street beauties across from the lot


2 thoughts on “Square at 12th and Vine

  1. With that new park like thing next to the Brandery building, that could already be Bremen Plaza (love the name) with a little work. I still like the idea of outdoor seating, etc. in the 12th and Vine lot though.
    Always like seeing your ideas Bill.


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