Third Street Developments

The success of the Banks and Smale Riverfront Park has reignited discussion about decking over Ft. Washington Way. The highway decks, and the development that would sit on top of them, would do much to bridge the gap between Downtown and the Banks.

However not to be ignored are the parking lots just north of Third Street that could be developed.  A structure built on any one of these lots has the chance to significantly alter the face of our city skyline, would come at less cost than the highway cap projects, and enjoy the same benefits of proximity to the Banks, Smale Riverfront Park, and streetcar. And while these developments may not physically “bridge the gap” between Downtown and the Banks, a Third Street activated with pedestrian activity would do a lot to bridge the gap psychologically.

3rd and Elm

3rd and Race

3rd and Race

3rd and Vine- right across from planned 309 Vine redevelopment

3rd and Walnut

3rd and Main- a more substantial garage

3rd and Hammond Alley

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