• Widen the walkway between Sawyer Point and International Friendship Park.  It is too narrow for the mix of pedestrians, strollers and bikes that use it.


  • Reconfigure the Newport-side approach to the Fourth Street bridge over the Licking to Covington so bikes can enter the roadway.  Currently bikes coming from the path on top of the levee are forced onto a very narrow sidewalk across the bridge.  It is difficult to pass a pedestrian coming the other way even when walking your bike.

Bikes coming from here…


…are forced onto this sidewalk.


  • Put down something on the Roebling Suspension Bridge metal grate so bikes can travel in the roadway instead of the sidewalk.  With the exploding popularity of Smale Riverfront Park this is more important than ever.  (First proposed by Urbancincy)

The sidewalk is too narrow for both pedestrians and bikes, and the roadway’s metal grating is not bike-friendly.


If bikes must use the sidewalk, some curb cut-ins need to be added on the approaches to the bridge so bikes can seamlessly enter from the roadway without abruptly (and dangerously) stopping.


One thought on “Biking

  1. I actually kind of enjoy riding my bike across Roebling. I enjoy the noise. I understand it’s bumpy, but I think altering it would really change the character of the bridge. On-ramps for the sidewalks are definitely needed on the KY side for those who are not comfortable with this surface.


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